Money Today Archive Nov 29, 2007 Issue

Edition: Nov 29, 2007

Cover Story

Rakesh Rai

Reinvest in your house

The secret to a better deal on your house lies in reinvesting. Read on to find out how small but smart investments can get you manifold returns.
In this MT Issue
India’s GDP in nominal terms has expanded by 113% over the past six years and earnings of 30 major listed companies have risen 168% during the same period.
Mutual Fund
Magnum Tax Gain has been a consistent performer, beating even the best performing fund in the equity-diversified fund category over the past five years.
  • Mathematical stock selection MONEY TODAY and Plexus Management evaluate the Lotus AGILE Fund and bring to you the report card.
  • Tech funds: Buy or sell? After driving wealth creation for years, tech funds have become a drag now. Should you exit, hold, or buy while they are cheap?
  • 'Trading is not investing' Mohit Verma, Chief Investment Officer (Debt), JM Financial Mutual Fund, tells us his investment mantra and gives us his opinion on what market investment should be like.
No tax exemption is available for earned leave encashed during service period. Hence, the amount of earned leave encashed will be taxable.
My Story
Rakesh Rai
AK Chandok approached the consumer court when his claim was rejected by an insurance company even though he had informed its agent of his accident.
Brinda Vasudevan
The GPS is a network of 24 satellites that continuously broadcast position and time data throughout the world. Data from three of the closest satellites is used to triangulate your GPS unit's exact location and speed.
MONEY TODAY scans dozens of research reports from investment houses every fortnight to present you the six most relevant stock recommendations.
Sector Scenario
Goldman Sachs says the demand for base metals is not going to slow down for another two years. But it advises investors to be selective.
Expert View
Mudar Patherya
Hawkins is a good investment on three counts: it is India’s biggest pressure cooker brand, this brand leadership is reflected in rising profits and rising profits not reflected in its market capitalisation.
  • Rules to spot hidden nuggets How do you dig out golden opportunities? Go for stocks where the management has a sustainable edge in the business, the company has an opportunity and space to grow and the business has a limitless horizon to expand.
Sushmita Choudhury with Rakesh Rai
Bed-and-breakfast options offer relatively cheap and comfortable accommodation. You benefit, whether you’re the guest or the host.
Small Fortune
Spread your tax-saving investments over the entire year and you could earn better returns.
Your Wallet
MONEY TODAY starts a new section highlighting the least expensive model in a product category. It's DVD players this fortnight.
In all probability, your home is your single most valuable asset. But what is the market value (equity) of your house and how can you encash it to fulfil your financial needs? Read on to find out.
Portfolio Doctor
Hooghly-based Krishnadas Karmakar saves well but must increase equity exposure through mutual fund investments to meet his financial goals.
Query Corner
Lump-sum investments in equity markets are not advisable. And in this situation it’s a clear "no". Read on for the reasons.
Editors Note
Rohit Saran
You are likely to have more real estate transactions than a generation before did. And that's why you need to understand what reinvesting in your house is all about and how it affects your home equity.
Talk Back
Approach the office of the banking ombudsman in your area. You can also e-mail the case details to the Grievance Redressal Officer (Nodal Officer).

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