Money Today Archive November 2, 2006 Issue

Edition: November 2, 2006

Cover Story

By Devangshu Datta

The golden rules

Nine rules to build a stock portfolio that will survive and thrive under all market conditions.
From the tax saving point of view, there is no ideal period for maintaining a home loan account.
My Story
Here's the story of how Arun Verma, a 'junkie', turned his hobby into a business.
By Rohit Saran
A guide to using smart technologies to save time, hassle and money.
Here we focus on how select stocks are performing and how it can benefit you.
By Kamesh Goyal
Customers will now be able to buy policies on the phone, through SMS and on the Net.
  • First among all forms of savings In future, insurers and financial services providers will work in tandem to offer solutions to customers based on their career. life plan and risk appetite.
  • How much do you need?

    If your life cover is too small, it won't be of any help. If it is too large , you may be paying for something you don't need. Find out how much insurance you require and rightsize your cover.

Real Estate
By Rakesh Rai
The luxury frills offered along with your dream home may sound good but think hard if you really need them.
Sector Scenario
By Rajshree Kukreti
The Indian obsession with jewellery continues unabated. But people have also started looking at other forms of gold as an investment.
Expert View
S. Srivastava
My advice to budding enrepreneurs is that you need to be doing something 'different' or 'differently'.
  • Irreversible bull run Many are worried about valuations but the best is yet to come.  Only a tiny portion of FII investment has come in.
  • Housing for all In 1976, 33% of Mumbai lived in unauthorised housing. Today with twice the population, 66% of the city lives in slums.
  • Changes on home front Room capacity needs to double in the next five years to cope for inflow of travellers.
  • Create your own wealth The fortunes of the macro economy are increasingly linked with the fortunes of the micro households.
Your Wallet
Most people don’t live within their income limits, but within their credit limits. That makes the EMI a better indicator of affordability than the MRP.
In times to come your net worth will decide how much credit you get and at what cost.
Portfolio Doctor
The Mumbai-based Menons have already created substantial assets. Now it’s time to protect these and to diversify as well.
Prithvi Haldea, managing director of  Prime Database, says that Benjamin Graham’s rules of value investing remain relevant more than half  a century later.
The Sensex heavyweights have outperformed smaller stocks in six months and one year.But in the last quarter, the smaller stock indices have outperformed the Sensex.
  • Small Fortunes Is your money going up in smoke? If a 35-year-old quits smoking, he can save up to Rs 12 lakh by the time he retires.
Editors Note
MONEY TODAY will offer down-to-earth advice on stock markets, mutual funds, insurance, banking, taxation, real estate and retirement planning.
By Rohit Saran
A lot depends on the future of crude prices. If the coming winter is severe, the demand for heating could again push up the demand for petroleum products.
  • How inflation erodes your wealth? We want returns from our investments to be higher than the rate of inflation. But by how much?
  • Going for flat  The real winner would be the small investor whose transaction costs will come down with the introduction of the flat brokerage structure.
  • Did not pan out With the PAN allottment in a disarray, it seems unlikely that the problems that came in the way now will be ironed out by December 31.
  • Wealth of a nation The stock market, the most visible and audible symbol of wealth creation, has made up to 10 million Indians richer through the four-fold rise in the valuation of shares in less than four years.

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