Money Today Archive November 30, 2006 Issue

Edition: November 30, 2006

Cover Story

By Rohit Saran

Privatisation as the propellor

'The government should keep feeding the stock market with good supply of public sector shares.'

There is no tax implication provided the receiver is not a minor.

My Story
By Rakesh Rai
Here's the story of how Sushil Bhasin is making profits from pebbles.
By Tanmoy Neog
MONEY TODAY presents a 10-minute guide to the future of entertainment coming soon right at the tip of your thumb.
By Narayan Krishnamurthy
Initial Public Offerings have created enormous wealth in the past three years. An analysis of what makes them so special.
By Narayan Krishnamurthy
Adding riders to an insurance plan not only increases the life cover but also enhances the scope of the policy.
Real Estate
By Babar Zaidi
Property prices have zoomed in the past three years, but rentals haven’t kept pace. Here’s what that means for your real estate investment.
By Rajshree Kukreti
To kick-start your career worth, become an asset for your organisation and adopt a proactive role that will set your value soaring.
New Business
By Sudhir Gore
The right mix of hard skills acquired at top institutes and leadership qualities ensured Srikant Sastri going for broke and making it big.
Expert View
Biju Varkkey
The world of work has become increasingly complex. In a market short of talent, getting a job is relatively easy but retaining it is infinitely more difficult.
  • Making of an entrepreneur The ability to negotiate with friends instead of giving them a head butt is a quality that sets a child apart.
  • Keep fixed pricing It is illogical to use the book-building route for the retail segment because 97% of the bids come at the cut-off price.
  • Wanted: A fund for investing The number of companies looking to raise public capital over the next 18 months or so is mind-boggling.
Small Fortune
Is your fuel bill burning a hole in your pocket? Car pooling mat be a good idea to stop that.
Portfolio Doctor
Kolkata-based finance professional Saptarshi Bhose has developed an unusual financial discipline at a very young age. A comfortable financial future awaits him if he continues on this path of intelligent investing.
By Rohit Sarin
This small book of parables tells us how to acquire wealth, protect wealth and make wealth earn more wealth, writes financial planner Rohit Sarin.
Is your fuel bill burning a hole in your pocket? Car pooling may be a good idea to stop that.
Talk Back
'MONEY TODAY has added great value to our investment plans.'
By Tejas Bhope
India is in the middle of a boom and, on the basis of strong second-quarter results, the momentum is accelerating.
  • State of art The soaring prices of contemporary art have led to the mushrooming of art investment funds.
  • The magic formula

    Can you create genuine wealth with a few accounting entries? Indeed you can — it’s called financial engineering.

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