Money Today Archive October 16, 2008 Issue

Edition: October 16, 2008

Cover Story

Cold markets, sizzling properties

Money Today brings you a list of cities where you can find realty bargains which fit your budget and which offer tremendous scope for price appreciation in the near future.
Mutual Fund
R K Gupta
Look for opportunities that will pay over the next few years. Infrastructure is still attractive, considering the projects planned and their gestation time, says R K Gupta, Managing Director, Taurus Mutual Fund.
  • Protect your capital Capital protection funds aim to protect your initial investment besides letting you benefit from any surge in the markets. Here’s how they do it.
  • Building a fund portfolio Don’t invest in mutual funds at random. Money Today lists out a simple three-step process to help you choose the right funds that would will your investments with your financial objectives.
  • Global gains Money Today-Plexus Management evaluate Birla Sun Life Commodities Equity Fund: go through all the investment options and put your money in the one that you understand the best.
  • Picking a fund Mutual fund market has moved from traditional equity and debt schemes to specialised products like fund of funds, arbitrage funds and asset allocation funds. This variety often confuses the people to select a fund that suits their needs.
You are entitled to two types of deductions. One, on repayment of the principal amount, and the other on the interest paid on the loan.
Harpreet Singh
Before you start arguing about the merits of MP3 and AAC, you’d do well to check the three types of digital audio files: uncompressed, lossy and lossless compression.
PSU banks have gained in the past 3 months as they don’t have substantial exposure to the US crisis.
A bull run or a bear market means at least a 20% change in the index value. Nobody can accurately predict stock market movements, but they can be explained. Here’s what moves the stock markets.
Portfolio Doctor
The monthly investment required to meet the goals of Raipur-based Thakur is higher than his current monthly income. So he must maximise the earning potential of his surplus.
R. Sree Ram
The book provides a comprehensive view of how markets become over-valued creating a bubble. It also gives insights into investor behaviour in the bull and bear phases of the markets over the last century, says R. Sree Ram.
Query Corner
Sukumar Chatterjee wants to know how much he will be charged for rolling over the balance on his credit card. Here’s a ready reckoner on the various fees and charges levied on credit cards.
Editors Note
Alam Srinivas
The American financial meltdown and its impact on the Indian banking system may force the UPA government to postpone crucial financial sector reforms, which it hoped to pursue in the run-up to the national elections next year.
Talk Back
The 'emoluments payable' includes only the basic pay and the allowances (special allowances, HRA, conveyance and telephone) which are paid every month.
The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority has decided that LIC and private insurance players must work on a level playing field. The move will reduce LIC’s equity exposure in a company from 30% to 10%.
Now and Then
While the prices of many food grains and cereals have doubled in the past two decades, those of baby food have increased nearly four times. But most young parents don’t mind paying more for this “essential” item.
My Idea
Rajshree Kukreti
Machines proved more than a childhood fancy for Pulkit Gaur, 27, who quit his job and borrowed money from parents to set up Gridbots.

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