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Brain Trust
By Soumendra Nath Lahiri
A senior vice-president with DSP Merrill Lynch shares with us his investment mantra.
In this MT Issue
When it comes to investing, there’s nothing as uncertain as the stock market.
  • What type of policy to buy Today, there’s almost too much choice in the insurance arena. Take care to pick the plan that’s right for you.
Mutual Fund
Here we analyse select funds against different parameters and tell you which ones are doing well and which are not
The I-T Act does not provide for deduction on gifts made to relatives. Therefore, the amount will be taxable.
My Story
While many scorned at the idea of an IIT-IIM graduate turning into a tourist guide, I was confident. But even I was not prepared for the enthusiastic response.
By Brinda Vasudevan
In the market for a portable MP3 player? Chances are you won’t get far beyond the iPod.
The Sensex is going through the ceiling one day and crashing with equal speed the next. Should you play safe and shun the stock markets? We tell you golden rules to beat the market and have an edge even in volatility.
New Business
Rakesh Rai
T Muralidharan put the failure of his first venture, a seeds company, behind him to start a human resource solutions firm that's now worth over Rs 30 cr.
Sector Scenario
The government’s thrust on infrastructure development has triggered major investments in the core sectors of power, mining, transport, etc.
Expert View
By Dipen Sheth
You can’t ignore (FII) money that owns 27% of the Sensex. This (and not your Indian money) will also get a free ‘carry-ride’ as the rupee appreciates, and will decide what will happen to your portfolio.
  • Way to wealth Insurance is a systematic investment plan that forces you to invest money periodically to make your financial goals work.
  • Investing in insurance Ulips, compared with traditional life insurance plans, can provide risk cover across asset classes, providing you with a choice of investments suited to your life-stage requirements and your risk profile.
  • Insure good service We must be comfortable with our choice of insurer. That is because life insurance is a longterm contract between the insurer and the policyholder. This involves consideration of the quality of service.
  • Before you buy... Like the fabled 'magic mirror on the wall', the policy illustration always tells the truth. The regulator and the insurers consider the illustration a key instrument when setting reasonable policyholder expectations.
  • Healthy way to security A life insurer is not tuned to handle a large number of claims and the coverage terms are also quite different.
  • Protect your biggest asset The assessment of life insurance needs shouldn’t be a one-time exercise, it should be dynamic and responsive as life itself. Your life policies should ensure protection for your family and serve as a wealth-creation tool.
  • Looking ahead Customers can be expected to be sought after, pampered and served well through the efforts of nearly two million agents, banks and other distributors.
  • Insure your retirement Retirement is a new life, different from what you have lived throughout your life. Retirement is about doing what you always wanted to do but work did not permit.
By Sushmita Choudhury
A hotel card is not for everyone. But it has the potential to be bigger than airline cards for frequent business travellers.
Small Fortune
Still awaiting a price cut to switch to digital photography? Look beyond the MRP and you may not have to wait.
An insurance policy is meant to compensate you in case of a loss of income due to health reasons, or your financial dependents in the event of your death.
Portfolio Doctor
Delhi-based superintendent engineer Tejinder Pal Singh must increase equity exposure and insurance cover for a financially sound future.
Editors Note
By Rohit Saran
Since most people don’t know what insurance they have, they don’t know why they have it and if it is adequate.
Talk Back
Stock analysis is highly complicated and there is no last word on it. However, ordinary investors can do some basic calculations for making more informed decisions.

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