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Edition: October 2009

Cover Story

Rakesh Rai

Invest in real estate, now

Investing here can yield good returns as property is affordable and interest rates may stay stable.
  • Arm yourself with options The final aim of any investor is rather simple — buy low and sell high. However, in a sector as cyclical as real estate, investment decisions may become rather complex.
Mutual Fund
Tanvi Varma/Money Today
The sharp focus and concentrated portfolios of sectoral funds have the potential to give high returns. But they also carry a higher risk.
  • Best funds to save tax Here are eight winners that can help you reduce your tax outgo under Section 80C. Start SIPs in the ones that match your risk appetite.
Babar Zaidi
Here are a few changes that we would like to see in the new Direct Taxes Code 2009.
Namrata Dadwal
They have been around for years, but ultralight Notebooks have suddenly taken the Indian market by storm.
Prakash Gaba
For the market to move up further, the oil and gas sector has to contribute significantly.
  • Earn more than the Sensex Size doesn’t matter. While blue-chip companies have performed dismally, small- and mid-caps are showing how profitable they are.
  • Take a call Buying a call option, a simple trading strategy, can offer vast gains if the market is expected to be bullish in a short period.
  • 'Base investing on long-term fundamentals and it will pay rich dividends' Lalit Thakkar, Director, Research, Angel Broking tells how investors can profit by sticking to market basics and the reasons for his confidence in India’s growth story.
  • Account for risk Continuing the series on financial concepts, we explain why beta could be a useful tool to measure the market risk of a stock.
Portfolio Doctor
Kamya Jaiswal
By taking risk in their pre-retirement years, our three patients have turned conventional financial wisdom on its head. Surprisingly, it works for them.
Query Corner
According to the Income Tax Act, losses under ‘house property’ can be carried forward even if the return is not filed on time. The loss can be carried forward for the next eight years and can be set off against income under the head ‘Income from house property’.
For The Record
Whether you plan to buy a modest studio apartment or a four-bedroom penthouse, affordability depends on two things: the amount you pay as down payment and the size of the loan you can service.
Subtract your age from 80. The difference is the percentage of your corpus that should be invested in stocks.
Editors Note
The stock market indices are climbing up steadily, precious metals are seeing an increased demand and companies are beginning to hire once more.
Talk Back
These days, the mindset of young professionals is changing drastically. They want to lead a semi-retired life in their late forties or fifties by pursuing a hobby instead of a regular job.
Kamya Jaiswal
Not even the blue-chip painters have been spared by the art market crunch.
Smart Spending
Sushmita Choudhury
In this section we review new products to help you sort the best buys from the worst. This time we look at mobile phones and their tariff plans.
  • Costly cruise You may have the money to buy a car, but what does it cost to own it over five years? We tell you how to calculate the expenses you are likely to incur.
Tanvi Varma/Money Today
Parag Parikh, Chairman, Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services, talks about his investment style and ways to identify value stocks.

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