Money Today Archive October 2014 Issue

Edition: October 2014

Cover Story

Teena Jain Kaushal and Renu Yadav

How to correct errors while retirement fund planning

How to avoid pitfalls in retirement planning

We talk about the most common mistakes that people make while saving and investing for life post retirement and how these mistakes can be corrected through timely action.
Mutual Fund
Team Money Today
Mid-cap equity funds outperform large-cap peers in past one yr
Mid-cap equity funds, which gave an average return of 93% in the past one year, outperformed their large-cap peers by a big margin during the period.
Tanvi Varma/Money Today
The surge in cement stocks is likely to continue
Cement stocks, reflecting the hope of an increase in domestic cement demand, have risen 30-170% in the last one year.
Teena Jain Kaushal/Money Today
Buy insurance policies that cover treatment abroad
Getting treatment abroad can be costly as you will need funds for travel, accommodation, food and that too in a currency that will be stronger than the rupee.
Expert View
KT Ravindran
Smart cities to offer more than jobs, development
The success of smart cities would be replicated to other backward regions and states too that need development. However, several challenges lie ahead.
Editors Note
Sarbajeet K Sen/Money Today
Money Today Managing Editor Sarbajeet K Sen
Our cover story tries to make you aware of the common mistakes people make while planning for retirement and what one should do to avoid those false steps.
Smart Spending
Features worth every paisa
Not every feature available in the market for your car is going to be helpful. Save money and buy a bare minimum car or own a safe and comfortable vehicle.
Team Money Today
Now, withdraw from ATMs without card
ICICI Bank has recently launched a facility under which an account holder can transfer funds to another person even if the latter does not have a bank account.

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