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Sushmita Choudhury and Namrata Dadwal

Looking forward to retirement

More and more people are keen to live it up after retirement. This is because the fastest growing age group in India has a host of benefits earmarked for them. Sushmita Choudhury and Namrata Dadwal highlight some of these.
Mutual Fund
Shruti Kohli
One of the most common terms you come across while investing in mutual funds is its NAV or the net asset value. It is essential to know the NAV when you buy the units of a mutual fund or when you plan to sell them.
PSU banking stocks have outperformed broader markets as easing monetary policy is expected to benefit them.
  • Finally, time to get greedy With the markets at a 24-month low, this may be the last fortnight when Dipen Sheth resists the temptation to buy.
  • It's back to square one From 10,500 to 10,500. It looks like the Sensex has come full circle in two years. But there could be more pain ahead as the past bear phases have lasted one to four years.
You want to opt out of the rat race and relax on the beach. But have you considered what it entails? Answer these questions to know how well prepared you are for retirement.
  • Start young, retire rich Plan early to be able to retire from the rat race and follow your dream, says Narayan Krishnamurthy.
Portfolio Doctor
Kamya Jaiswal
We reveal how the Portfolio Doctor spots the problems in your finances. Watch out for these alerts to keep your money on track.
Narayan Krishnamurthy
Narayan Krishnamurthy picks some bestsellers that have helped people the world over chalk out a retirement plan.
Editors Note
Aroon Purie
As we celebrate another year of learning and helping you become richer, we welcome one more Diwali. We hope that this festival of lights brings cheer and prosperity in these gloomy times.
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