Money Today Archive September 2009 Issue

Edition: September 2009

Cover Story

Narayan Krishnamurthy

Are you ready to retire?

It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you haven’t planned for your sunset years, it’s time to start now.
  • Is it worth the experiment? Investors are not flocking to the New Pension Scheme as the low cost doesn't compensate for the scheme's drawbacks.
  • Living it up in retirement It is no longer a dreaded life stage. If you remain a disciplined investor, retirement can turn out to be better than your dreams.
  • The easy path to planning Life after hanging up your boots can be bliss or a bane, depending on the state of your finances. Here’s a lowdown on retirement planning.
  • Evaluating the options Despite several new products, retirement planning is not as popular as it should be. Will the NPS change things? Are people ignorant or just disinterested in retirement-oriented investment?
Mutual Fund
Tanvi Varma/Money Today
Debt funds, popular during the downturn, might begin to lose their sheen.
  • Rewards sans risk In a new series on mutual funds, we look at Reliance Growth, the largest and one of the oldest diversified equity funds.
Babar Zaidi
In a bid to curb tax evasion, the government has proposed to tax certain gifts other than cash. Here’s how the changes will affect you.
Namrata Dadwal
Whether you want to record memories or star in your own whacky movie, a camcorder is your best option. Here are the features you should consider before buying one.
R. Sree Ram
Make sure that you are not overpaying for your purchases.
  • Trade terms Being well-versed in elementary phrases and values is essential for facilitating an entry in options trading. Here are some key concepts.
  • 'The worst is behind us, but we may have run ahead of the basics' Ambareesh Baliga, Vice-President, Karvy Stock Broking, talks about how investors should not be swayed by market movements and have clear objectives.
  • Gainful returns In the first in a new series on financial concepts, we explain one of the most important profitability ratios — return on equity — its usefulness and constraints.
Rakesh Rai
Minister of State for Corporate Affairs Salman Khurshid speaks about the new Companies Bill and other investor-related issues.
  • Investing is for all seasons Investing is as much a passion and hobby as it is a career or profession. The afficionados eat, live, sleep and breathe investing mantras.
Query Corner
A car provided by an employer to an employee is a taxable perk if the latter’s salary is more than Rs 50,000 a month.
For The Record
Asset allocation in interest-earning instruments, coupled with smart annuity options, can help you live comfortably through your sunset years.
In case of uncertainty in the job market, falling incomes and volatile asset prices, one should have a thicker buffer of 9-12 months’ living expenses to help tide over any financial emergency.
Editors Note
Aroon Purie
While many of our regular features still find a place in the fresh format, others have been revamped and new ones introduced. The idea is to give you articles with greater depth and insight.
Talk Back
...such as the advantage of keeping insurance and investment separate, and that term plans are the cheapest form of life insurance. I look forward to more informative stories.
Smart Spending
Sushmita Choudhury
In the first of a new series, we review some of the latest products and services to help you sort the best buys from the worst.
  • Thinking out of the idiot box TV may be ready to discard the ‘idiot’ tag as it turns intelligent, offering ticket booking and pizza delivery besides the regular serials.
Consumer Rights
Rakesh Rai
Justice Ashok Bhan, President, National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, talks about facilitating proceedings for the consumers.
  • Questioning the law When D.K. Gandhi took his advocate to court, he raised an important issue—can lawyers be proceeded against under the Consumer Protection Act?
Tanvi Varma/Money Today
Shankar Sharma, Director, First Global, is known for his bearish view of the markets, but is uncharacteristically optimistic about the economy.
  • Just a bubble? The first in a series that looks at the flip side of promising trends — or the silver lining when the skies are grey.
Last Word
Rakesh Rai
Common area refers to spaces in apartments that are set apart for use by all the residents.
Rakesh Rai & Sushmita Choudhury
The buzz on the street is not caused by market experts alone talking about signs of revival in the economy. It’s also created by all of us—consumers, investors, employees and employers.

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