Money Today Archive September 2010 Issue

Edition: September 2010

Cover Story

Babar Zaidi

Build your nest egg

In a recent online survey conducted by MONEY TODAY, inflation was listed as the biggest retirement worry by respondents. Ironically, the most popular instruments used for retirement planning were the PPF and bank deposits.
  • Choose the right option Your retirement plan should be a mix of different investments. We analyse the various instruments and tell you how they can fit into your plan.
  • Path to profit The importance of long-term investment cannot be undermined, and when combined with tactical allocation, your portfolio can deliver incremental returns.
  • Retire on equity Despite higher risk, the returns from equities are much more than those from safer options, such as savings accounts, certificates of deposits or bonds.
  • Patience brings rich rewards Even if you put in a modest amount in equities, your investment will grow to a sizeable retirement corpus over the years.
  • 'Know the market before investing' Abhishek Goenka, CEO, India Forex Advisors, tells Babar Zaidi what the introduction of forex options means for small investors.
  • Temporary relief Despite the lack of perks, temporary jobs are gaining credence as they are an easy way to supplement income and offer flexible work hours.
  • The Hot and the not so Happening Namrata Dadwal reviews new products and services to help you zero in on those that offer value for money.
  • Monsoon: Inflating the Impact Despite experts' claims to the contrary, official data clearly indicates that there is no correlation between rains and food prices or inflation.
Mutual Fund
Tanvi Varma/Money Today
With their winning risk-reward balance and ability to contain losses during a downside, contrarian funds can be a good pick for investors.
  • Banking on distribution Public-sector banks should be roped in to fill the vacuum created by the exit of mutual fund distributors.
  • The third-party scam The rule that allows third-party cheques for investing in mutual funds renders investors susceptible to largescale fraud. it's an anomaly that needs to be corrected by Sebi-now.
Kamya Jaiswal
Kamya Jaiswal abandons market research and quits monitoring her portfolio every month, but will continue to review it regularly.Kamya Jaiswal abandons market research and quits monitoring her portfolio every month, but will continue to review it regularly.
  • Ensuring equal rights The recent recommendations by the Takeover Regulatory Advisory Committee aim to give promoters and investors equitable benefits in case of mergers and acquisitions.
In the current uncertainty and despite the surprising rally in the market, technical analysts continue to forecast specific target levels for stocks and indices.
Query Corner
I invest in equity mutual funds regularly. However, the Direct Taxes Code (DTC) proposal to tax long-term capital gains has made me wary of investing in such funds. Is there a way to avoid this tax?
Editors Note
Rakesh Rai
It has been described as the most important unsolved problem in computer science - the P vs NP riddle. Now, a researcher of Indian origin claims to have solved it.
Smart Buys
Vikrant Singh
We rate all the cars currently available in the market to help you choose the one that suits your budget and requirements.
Market regulator Sebi wants the PMS offered by brokerage houses and wealth management firms to be more transparent and investor-friendly. The PMS can be availed of on investments as low as Rs 5 lakh.

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