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Pritam P Hans

The Key Risk

How to minimise risks in real estate investment

Lack of transparency and tight regulations in the real estate sector is making buyers take investment decisions with limited understanding of the risks involved.
  • Choose carefully while investing in real estate Experts believe that the wide gap between demand and supply in residential real estate will keep prices firm over the long run. If chosen carefully, investment in real estate is likely to give steady returns.
  • Why affording a house has got simpler Several developers which focused on luxury housing earlier faced competition due to the entry of new players. So, many shifted focus to affordable homes to create demand and diversify risk.
  • Tips to ease stress of booking a property Booking agreements favour the builder. It's important to read them carefully while buying a property. This is important because most clauses in these agreements are aimed at protecting builders from legal troubles while giving very few rights to buyers.
  • Rise in realty prices to be inflation-driven After the 2008-09 crisis, the housing segment was the first to recover in the real estate market. Now, prices have peaked in several locations and any price increase in these markets will be inflation-driven.
Mutual Fund
Banking sector funds gain popularity
Banking stocks managed to deliver double-digit returns in the five-year period as is evident from the average return given by banking sector funds.
  • MF portfolios gain despite low indicators In spite of the ups and downs, the portfolios have managed to regain strength. In the last quarterly review in June, two of the portfolios, Wealth Maximiser and Money Builder, had negative returns. Both have shown profits this time.
Tushar Kanwar
Busting Locked Doors
A court order has had hyperactive internet service providers blocking access to 'illegal' content. For those who have been inconvenienced by over-zealous ISPs, here are a few tips to access such blocked content.
Sowmya Kamath
Punching a Hole
Research reports by well-known firms can move stock prices. And if the report is too harsh on the company, the result is a bitter controversy, with both sides pointing fingers at each other.
  • Saving yourself from insider-trading Insider trading, a subset of securities fraud, is a dominant evil in stock markets across the globe. But the sad thing is that retail investors, the biggest losers in such scams, know little about the evil. Here's our attempt to change that.
Query Corner
Query corner
Money Today experts answer personal finance queries.
Editors Note
Buying a home is most often a tough call, not just for the financial bit of arranging for the down payment and bracing for a lengthy period of repayment of the home loan.
Rahul Oberoi/Money Today
World Calling
Export pull can be a big plus for any asset. While it's a general rule that commodities with good export demand can deliver good returns to investors, it's not the only rule.
Talk Back
Letters To The Editor
Money Today readers write back to the Editor with their feedback on the magazine's personal finance coverage.
Smart Spending
Chandralekha Mukerji
Striking Pure Gold
Money Today takes a look at the different ways to buy physical gold and some important things you should know before purchasing it through each of these routes.
  • Online specialty stores are catching on Specialty stores are the latest in-thing in e-commerce. While the earlier websites followed the 'all-things-under-one-roof' strategy and became the virtual versions of department stores, the new ones sell only one type of product. Here are some such single-vertical websites.
  • The hot & the not so happening gadgets Sam Abraham introduces new products and services to help you zero in on those that offer value for money.
  • Go for these fuel-efficient cars to beat price hikes The simplest way to save on petrol costs is to buy a fuel efficient car. So, Auto Bild give you the most miserly petrol cars in four price brackets.
Capital Gains for Stock Market
Sebi has come up with a slew of measures to increase retail participation, give more flexibility to mutual funds and companies issuing initial public offers and encourage distributors. Some of these steps may, however, result in higher cost for mutual fund investors.

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