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By Kamya Jaiswal
No matter the current debate, think long term and the rupee emerges stronger. Give or take a few points, all predictions see the Indian currency consolidating its muscle in the next few years, or at not depreciating the way it did in the past decades.
Mutual Fund
Here we take individual mutual funds and do an evaluation. This time it is DWS Global Thematic Offshore fund.
The  interest on loan raised to build a house qualifies for deduction under Section 24 of the Income Tax Act, 1961, for a maximum of Rs 1.5 lakh.
My Story
By Namrata Dadwal
Kaytee Namgyal, 29, makes a success out of an offbeat profession. Here's his mantra.
What computer you buy depends on the power and features you need and can pay for.
We take a look at the best performing stocks. Engineering and construction stocks are doing well due to strong infrastructure focus.
  • BHEL, Indian Oil stocks maintain momentum We scan through dozens of research reports from investment houses every fortnight to present you the six most relevant stock recommendations and a sector analysis.
  • Stay focused MONEY TODAY portfolios are for investors in stocks, not traders. And investors can overlook the current volatility, at least for the time being, says Dipen Sheth.
Sanjeev Sinha
Revising your insurance cover is important to remain financially secure.
Sector Scenario
Enam Securities is not enthused about the auto sector because of rising interest rates.
Expert View
By KVS Manian
Today’s banking customer won't settle for less and has realised that he is The King.
  • Aligning abilities Experiential learning can be a huge differentiator in the course of one’s career.
Small Fortune
Is your cell phone bill burning a hole in your pocket? Even a 10% cut in phone conversations can build big savings.
Your Wallet
Most people live within their credit limits, not income limits. EMI is a better indicator of affordability than the MRP. We present a new way to compute affordability.
Most people go to the bank to keep their money safe and make it grow. Some others seek loans or transfer funds. Banking services have now expanded way beyond just giving or taking money. Many of these services come with conditions and costs that people are unaware of. We make you aware of some.
Portfolio Doctor
Pune-based couple must set out investment objectives and chart a strategy to leverage the advantage of earning and saving well at a young age.
Sameer Bhardwaj
For long-term investors who understand a few economics fundamentals, this book is likely to improve their chances of investment success.
Query Corner
What is the penalty for late filing of tax return?
This snapshot of the rupee’s performance may aid you in making overseas investment decisions.
Editors Note
By Rohit Saran
When it comes to writing on personal finance, the choice is not about whether to use numbers, but how to use them in a manner that is meaningful, instructive and above all simple.
Talk Back
I started investing only recently and am not well versed with the subject. But reading your latest issue on mutual funds (B est Mutual Funds, 23 A ugust) was a great experience. All the articles were superb. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

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