Equity funds ride on soaring Sensex, outperform

Here we do an analysis of how mutual funds are performing across the segments and bring to you the report card to help you make the right choice.

     Print Edition: November 1, 2007

Riding on a soaring Sensex, the top 5 equity-diversified funds have outperformed the category average. Magnum Tax Gain is the outperformer earning close to 70% returns over the past three years. Investors in this tax saving equity-diversified have gained from steady returns and lower tax.

Equity diversified
Equity tax planning


Index funds are best to ride when markets are going up, but the mid-cap growth is still on with Sundaram BNP Paribas zooming ahead. In the past three years this category has outperformed equity-diversified. It demonstrates that there are hidden gems that can outperform leaders.

Equity mid-cap
Equity index

All balanced funds are not alike and neither are they exactly balanced; it is for this reason that you can see equity-balanced as a category return twice of what the balanced-debt (second table) category earned. Though low on popularity, balanced-equity funds have done well as a whole in the past one year.

Balanced equity
Balanced debt

Although MIP as a category is losing favour, the top 2 in the category have returned more than twice of what a one-year bank FD would. FoF as a category is to cash in on the performance of existing funds and is risky. The returns from this fund family is mixed. On an average the top 5 have earned more than 30% in one year.

Monthly income plans
Fund of funds

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