New Business
New Business

Midway through a thriving career, Raghav Kher ran into a business opportunity. He exploited it with passion and came up with the Rs 25 crore Seventymm.

For M. Janakiraman, owner of Rs 100 crore, the journey from rags to riches is characterised by determination and a dash of luck.
Patu Keswani used his experience to spot a business opportunity and gave it all to ensure it worked.
Right idea, right timing, right approach and solid family support helped literature graduate Abhimanyu Singh become a successful entrepreneur.
Ashish Kapur spent months researching the fast-food business before launching his Yo! China chain.
Nina Lekhi’s inability to pass a design test did not deter her from launching her own line of designer bags, which are now retailed across the country.
Rakesh Seth’s tenacity saw him overcome hurdles on his way to establishing a Rs 28-crore marketing solutions company.
Satya Narayanan R spotted a profitable and unexploited niche in the education business.Today, his company straddles an entire range of educational services.

By the age of 21, Dhruv Shringi's first venture had already failed. After 13 years, he finally found success—without investing a single rupee of his own.
At 16, Divyank Turakhia set up a software company along with his brother. Within 10 years, the two have turned it into a Rs 1,400 crore global entity.
A right combination of initiative and mentoring has seen three young engineers turn a plain listing of bus routes into a Rs 5 crore online ticket-booking enterprise.
Despite the qualification and opportunity to be a top corporate executive, Sridhar Rajagopalan chose to experiment with a unique enterprise—and succeeded.
Though he started young and had to face many obstacles, Hanif Sattar’s determination and meticulous planning has seen him make a success of his garment business.
From a one-room apartment in Delhi to schools all across the country, Sapna Gupta’s Air Hostess Academy has spread its wings wide.
How Dheeraj Gupta used McDonald’s and Burger King as role models when he was setting up his snack food empire.
It was an idea ahead of its time. But Nisha Somaia's pioneering zeal helped her tailor a successful venture by creating western outfits for plus-sized women.
Kaustuv Ray's knack for spotting opportunities and extracting the most out of them has seen him rise from a clerk to a multi-business entrepreneur.
By providing energy-saving solutions to telecom companies, Manoj Upadhyay has made money for himself and the sector.