New Business
New Business

From a sales executive with a directory service to the owner of one, VSS Mani’s is an instructive story of what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Founded on the rubbles of dotcom bust, i2k2 had a slow and turbulent route to success. It now seems poised to break into the big league.
Here's the story of how Niraj Davar and Ajay Manchanda built a business in distribution channel solutions for technology companies.
From a sales executive to a producer of 11 feature films, Bobby Bedi’s success stems from doing things differently.
Amitabh Shrivastava's measured investments are the key to his success.
Overcoming the dotcom bust, this husband-wife team persevered to make their software firm a success story.
Determination and self-belief are two key reasons why Rohit Kumar has made a success of helping expatriates settle down in India to a new life.
Manoj worked on an idea for six years before turning full time entrepreneur. His payback time may be about to begin.
Nikhil Nath showed courage made success out of a venture that had his partner quitting.
Belief in the idea and faith in the team motivated Madan Padaki, Murlidhar S and Mohan Kannegal to risk their all in MeritTrac.
T Muralidharan put the failure of his first venture, a seeds company, behind him to start a human resource solutions firm that's now worth over Rs 30 cr.
Strong business relationships helped this techie build three successful software start-ups in just 12 years.
SK Garg used his knowledge, experience and contacts to build a Rs 300-crore group from scratch at a time when venture capital was a mere concept.
Parmod Nagpal saw the opportunity to rise from a salary of Rs 1,850 a month to own a Rs 54-crore garment business.
Amit Agarwala quit a job, battled tragedies and yet emerged stronger with a company now growing at 30%.
Sceptical families and juggling jobs were some of the problems Burman and Bhatia faced as they ventured into hospitality.
Intelligent management of the 'yes' and the 'no' leads to the best decisions.