New Business
New Business

When his IIM batchmates were racing up the corporate ladder, Sanjeev Bikhchandani was slogging it out to keep his small business a float.

At age 40, even the most ambitious give up dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Not Jai Prakash Malhotra.
If entrepreneurship is also about turning failures into successes, Kunwer Sachdev is a born entrepreneur.
Naqvi and Sharma saw an opportunity in kitchen business and built a thriving enterprise.
Adrenaline, ulcers, joy, devastation, bliss, manic depression, chagrin and euphoria are some of the phenomena in the journey of entrepreneurship.
Spotting a business avenue when their company restructured, Ravi Pai and Nachiket Urdhwareshe started their own software shop.
There was no original DVD rental service in the country. This made Sameer start one.
The right mix of hard skills acquired at top institutes and leadership qualities ensured Srikant Sastri going for broke and making it big.
How Delhi-based Shantanu Prakash has made a successful business out of making education exciting and engaging, in India and abroad.
Satyan Mishra’s indomitable desire to be financially independent sees him chart a rather unusual route to success.
Pankaj Handa’s passion for fish led to this novel business that has yielded him both money and satisfaction.
A never-say-die attitude and an eye for opportunity helps Aggarwal expand his business.

M K M Pillai cooks up a profitable business in supplying meals to offices.