While the RBI's previous credit policy effectively ended the teaser rate home loan schemes, the hike in the  credit reserve ratio  coupled with that in the repo and reverse repo rates has signalled that banks need to raise funds.

If you're getting a good discount on a new house, don't dally till July or you could lose a chunk of it.
What is the longest period you have served with a company? Two years? Three years? Have you ever stuck around for more than five years just to avail of gratuity?
Few investors know that the dividend on a mutual fund reduces its NAV and is only a profit-booking tool.
Given the volatility in returns across most asset classes, including gold, long-term investors may need to rejig their portfolios.
If the latest Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Survey is to be believed, in the last quarter of 2009, India was the second most confident market after Indonesia.
The best thing about the Satyam episode, as far as investors are concerned, is that it forced more companies to clean up their account books and governance practices.
Did you know that identity theft claims a new victim somewhere in the world every two seconds?
Which is the coolest office you can think of? One with a gym on the premises, a pool at the back, a cafe? Some lucky employees are already enjoying all this and more.
The bad news is that experts expect interest rates to rise in the near future due to an increase in demand for credit.
The fact that the Indian economy is inching its way to recovery has been endorsed by the third quarter results.
If the Internet is to be believed, Google's Nexus One is the closest any manufacturer has come to giving the iPhone a run for its money.