Portfolio Doctor
Portfolio Doctor

The Neverights must read our cover story on investor psychology and how certain behavioural traits and attitudes towards money can be financially ruinous.

On paper, every investor knows that the four main investment vehicles that comprise his portfolio are equities, gold and cash, bonds and real estate.
Two successful entrepreneurs have the traits required of good investors: aggression and patience. But faulty strategies have been their undoing.
In a revamped format, Portfolio Doctor will examine more patients in every issue.We start with three who like to play safe — even though they shouldn’t.
Though Kochi-based Pranay Singh has the right mix of equity and debt, his choice of financial products needs to be drastically upgraded to achieve the targeted returns.
Bengaluru-based Vijay Shukla has profited from advice, but must improve his financial acumen to sustain the good run.
Thane-based Sanjeev Bhadane is banking on too many wrong instruments to achieve his goals. He needs to reorganise his portfolio and make fresh investments in equities.
Kolkata-based Das is reaping the benefits of disciplined investment. Now, he must rein in the urge to play with stocks and continue to invest regularly to beat inflation.
Buying a life insurance policy to save income tax defeats the purpose of such a policy and leads one to make a suboptimal choice.
With marriage on the cards, two couples want to know how it will change their financial planning and what they should do to achieve their goals.
By taking risk in their pre-retirement years, our three patients have turned conventional financial wisdom on its head. Surprisingly, it works for them.
Pune-based Talwalkars have invested in so many products that it is impossible for them to manage their finances or plan accurately.
Despite fundamental mistakes, Mumbai-based Preeti and Vishal Srivastava can achieve their goals easily. This is because of the one right move: regular investment.
Vadodara-based Hitesh Desai has invested in the correct instruments, but he must downsize his goals and increase the investible surplus to consolidate his gains.
Delhi-based Arvind Sharma has built a good foundation for his portfolio. Now, he must maximise the returns from his income.
Vadodara-based Patels are following the correct investment approach, but must refine their choice of financial instruments.