Query Corner
Query Corner

Sukumar Chatterjee wants to know how much he will be charged for rolling over the balance on his credit card. Here’s a ready reckoner on the various fees and charges levied on credit cards.

Prashanth Amin of Kolkata wants to know how the systematic withdrawal plans offered by mutual funds work and the tax implications of investing in one.
Mutual funds are more tax efficient than most other forms of investment. The tax rate is determined by the type of mutual fund and the tenure of investment.
There are two ways in which one can transfer his shares to wife's account. Read on to know the detailed answer.
All stock prices do not move at the same rate. Some stocks shoot up very quickly while others move at a leisurely pace.
There are some thumb rules to help you zero in on the best schemes. Read the four parameters on which a fund should be evaluated.
As the sole earning member in your family, you need a good life insurance cover.
There are several factors that should be taken into account before you take a decision. The most important is your ability and inclination to take risk.
Whatever anyone may tell you, there is no one-fit-for-all savings ratio. Even giving a minimum figure is deceptive.
Congratulations to you on several counts. Firstly, you have a very clear vision of your financial goals. You will do well to start investing for these goals right away.
There has been a spate of queries on life insurance, one of the most crucial financial products. We answer three instructive ones.