Paying for First Impressions

The third part of the MONEY TODAY series on enhancing the economic value of your home focusses on doors.

By Rakesh Raiand Tanmoy Neog | Print Edition: December 28, 2006

You have done up the floors and walls of your dream home (MONEY TODAY November 30 and December 14). Before we step any further into your house to tell you more about enhancing its value, let’s go back to the entry point-the doors. There are considerations other than security in choosing the right kind of doors. And the choice doesn’t end with types of wood any more. Doors, today, come in all shapes, sizes and material. And also for all wallets. The range is vast: from Rs 120 per sq m (PVC) to Rs 1,000 per sq m (rosewood).




When choosing a door, you need to see whether it is for exterior or interior use; also examine factors such as the humidity level and expected seasonal variations of your area, exposure to water, strength, scratch and fire resistance of the material, and of course aesthetics.


The days of wood and aluminium are over. Doors are now available in PVC, tinted, tempered and toughened glass, powder-coated mild steel and stainless steel. Also available are a range of systems-from folding to sliding doors. The latest trend is eco-friendly material, such as insulated glass doors, sandwich panels and doors with reflective coating and special fireretardant that are heat-resistant, fire-resistant and waterproof. These can save a lot of energy and become less hazardous for the environment.



Steel doors are also quite a rage. And these doors are available in a variety of combinations-wood and glass, wood and metal, metal and glass, PVC or unplasticised PVC and glass. So depending on your preference, decor and, of course, the budget you can opt for any of these combinations. Here we list out for you the basic categories with their advantages and disadvantages.


Durability: 15-30 years 

 Options: Teak and cedar at the high end of your budget; marandy for the mid-range andmango for small budgets. Durability willdepend on the quality of wood used

 Best used in: Living room and as external doors

 Maintenance: Polish every year, and go for sanding and sealing every few years

Maximum range for all budgets 

 Can be adapted to range ofstyles, contemporary or classical

 Huge decorative doors difficult to maintain

 Opt for well seasoned wood

 Sound and weather insulation is lower than metal or PVC doors

 Cost (per sq ft)*

 Rose wood:Rs 1,000

 Burma teak:Rs 700

 Shisham:Rs 350

 Mango:Rs 250

          PVC or UPVC
 Durability: 10 years

 Options: Varied finishes like white, black, brown or even wood

 Best used in: Temporary structures like partitions and toilets. Light flush UPVC doors can be used in bedrooms. Its sleek look fits in the modern minimalist style of architecture

 Maintenance: Simple washing using mild detergents


 The best sound and weatherinsulators

 Limited to certain sizes only.As the height increases the PVC sections will not be able to take the weight of glass and will start bending

 Low on aesthetics

 Cost (per sq ft)*

 PVC:Rs 120-250

 UPVC:Rs 650

 Durability: 5-7 years

 Options: Clear, tinted, tempered or toughened. Available in a variety of thickness. Glass edges can also be finished according to preference (rounded, polished or relief edges)

 Best used as: Garden or balcony doors to create a feeling of openness

 Maintenance:Wet cloth cleaning. Do not use hard detergent or rough objects


 Looks good in combination with wood,metal or PVC

Opt for 10-12 mm thick toughened glass instead of the laminated varietyPatch fittings are not air tight.

If a glass door is between AC and non AC interfaces put aircurtains along with the fittings 

 Cost (per sq ft)*
 Rs 200-300
 Durability: 5-7 years

 Options: Aluminium, steel or iron for grills.With powder coating and anodisation (finishing to give colour) aluminium doors can be made aesthetically more appealing

 Best used in: Back entry doors where decor isn’t a priority or in kitchens, bathrooms

 Maintenance: Regular cleaning and painting is required


  Sturdy, solid and the most durable and fire retardant of the four options

 Maintenance costs lower in aluminium doors

 Always check out the gauge of the metal. It should be between 14 mm and 18 mm

 Cost (per sq ft)*

 Aluminium:Rs 200-300

 Steel:Rs 150-250





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