Real Estate
Real Estate

With the number of affluent individuals rising, luxury residences have gone beyond the metros. Even in a tough economy, there is no dearth of options for buyers of luxury housing.

If you are planning to buy a holiday home or villa, don't limit your search to Indian destinations. You can buy good properties abroad at bargain prices.
Watch out, as a proposed law allows the government to confiscate benami properties and those involved in such deals face a jail term and a hefty fine.
As people look for respite from the fast-paced city life, hills are becoming popular destinations for holiday homes and investment.
We surveyed four non-metro cities to gauge the trends in the local residential property markets and check whether these are good destinations for investing.
To help you take an informed decision while buying a house, here are some terms that are commonly used in the real estate market and what they mean.
Paying rent could be a smarter option than buying a house, given the improving affordability and flexibility that tenancy offers.
Builder floors are a good option for those who want independent living at a low cost.
Changing needs and discerning buyers have forced the property market to become innovative, finds Pritam P Hans.
Environment-friendly homes turn out to be a bit more expensive than traditional homes but help you save money in the long run.
Improve your old building's facade, upgrade existing features and add modern facilities to unlock the income potential of the properties.
Economic growth is expected to drive prices of commercial spaces, which are still moderate while valuations of residential properties have surged.
Affordable housing is the catchword now, but does it make sense to buy a studio or one-bedroom apartment?
Individuals in India have limited opportunities to invest in real estate due to the lack of regulated investment vehicles and unreliable local markets.