Real Estate
Real Estate

Overcoming regulatory shortcomings and inherent flaws in the realty sector can make this asset class more popular among retail investors.

If conflicting realty signals have kept you from investing in property, here's a guide to help you take a decision.
If you are planning to cancel your booking in a real estate project and shifting to a new one, be prepared for long delays in getting refunds.
Real estate developers are wooing consumers with projects that have fewer floors and are more affordable compared to high-rise buildings.
Theme-based townships are offering exotic lifestyles at affordable rates. But check for location and infrastructural advantages before buying one.
The real estate market is definitely set to rise, making this a good time to consider investing in it.
The focus on affordable housing and a glut in supply is likely to bring down rents, especially in certain residential localities.
The house pegged as ‘affordable’ may not be worth the price you are paying. Consider its location and sundry charges before picking up one.
You can get a good price for a prime property if you buy during an auction. However, make sure you do your homework before bidding.
Real estate developers are using ingenious lures to sell their projects. Here are the false promises you need to beware of.
Manu Goswami, Head, Marketing & Sales, Jaypee Greens, talks about the things to consider before investing in a theme project.
If you are looking to cash in your realty investment, now is the right time. Here are the things you should remember before doing so.
M. Ramachandran, Secretary, Urban Development Ministry, tells why the government has a vital role in making investment in property hassle-free.
Hills, beach resorts and temple towns are not just vacation spots of choice, they can also provide healthy returns to savvy real estate investors.
It would be very unfortunate if developers were to increase home prices at this juncture.
Grouping is the strategy of the season. Realty buyers are doing it to extract discounts, the developers, to clear stagnant inventories.
If investing in realty, consider more than a proposed project in the area.