Real Estate
Real Estate

Ensuring that your assets benefit desired members of the family after your death is neither a complex nor an expensive exercise.

Home buyers are banding together and using virtual tools like the Net to pressure builders into accepting their demands.
Market has shown correction, so it's worth exploring options in small cities.
If you are buying a pre-owned house, make sure you inspect it for structural and legal soundness to avoid any nasty surprises later on. a property search is a must.The most convenient option these days is real estate portals. We scour the Net to tell you which ones to bet on.
Some upcoming in the city can influence real estate prices in future.
The commercial capital of Uttar Pradesh is second (after Lucknow) on the priority list of real estate developers investing in the state.
Townships promise convenience, improved quality of life and greater affordability. Are these good enough reasons to move out of the city?
Given the downturn in the economy and the real estate sector, the realty companies are rushing to diversify in unrelated areas.
Hit by low sales, real-estate developers are offering discounts and refocusing on the mid-price and budget segments.
It’s a fresh, new concept. A log house is not only easy to install, but also takes much less time.
The concept behind green houses is to follow the three ‘R’s—reduce, reuse and recycle all possible resources.
Vijayawada is a major transit point and an important link connecting two industrial zones of Andhra Pradesh—Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam.
Bungalows in high-rise apartments? Yes, this is what a slew of new super-size smart flats offer.