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A low-down on the documents you need to register your CNG vehicle and tips on what to do when a gas tank leaks
Print Edition: April 2013

A low-down on the documents you need to register your CNG vehicle and tips on what to do when a gas tank leaks.


>> Hard as it might be, try not to panic. Shut the cylinder valve (on the cylinder, if you don't know) and then the filler valve (through which the gas is filled). CNG is lighter than air and dissipates quickly, but LPG is heavier and more flammable.

>> If the cylinder is inside the cabin, as is for hatchbacks and vans, roll down the windows. Sedan owners, pull over and open the boot.

>> Switch to petrol and take your car to a service centre, immediately.

>> Trivia: CNG doesn't ignite if there is less than 5% of it in the air (too little) or over 15% (not enough oxygen).

Changing from petrol (or diesel) to using CNG as fuel for your car entails a lot of paper work. You will need to submit the following documents at your local Road Transport Office (RTO):

1. The original registration certificate (RC) or smart card. A new RC will be issued to include the conversion.
2. A copy of your motor insurance. You will need to inform your insurer. A charge of 4% of the CNG kit's value will be levied as extra premium and the necessary changes will be made to the policy.
3. A proof of identity. Landline bill, passport,voters id, ration card, passbook of a nationalised bank, etc., are valid. But, not your driving licence.
4. Installation certificate from the retro-fitment centre Courtesy: Auto Bild India (RFC). The RFC must fill a form issued by the RTO.
5. A copy of the RFC's licence.
6. The certificate from the Chief Controller of Explosives (CCOE) for the CNG cylinder.
7. CCOE certificate for 'multifunction valve' in case of conversion to LPG.
8. Copy of approval certificate for the car model from Vehicle Research and Development Establishment, International Centre for Automotive Technology or Automotive Research Association of India.
9. Pollution under control certificate for the petrol mode.

Courtesy: Auto Bild India

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