The Hot & the not so Happening

Print Edition: April 2013

Sam Abraham introduces new products to help you zero in on those that offer value for money.

Rs 13,990
Rating: 4/5

>>Android 4.1.2, 4 GB internal memory, expandable to 64 GB
>>Dual SIM, 8 MP primary camera, 2 MP secondary camera

Despite best efforts, the A116 doesn't feel premium but that shouldn't be a bother for its price, while the design is quite nice. The USP is its HD screen. The 5-inch HD IPS screen with a 1280x720 pixels resolution is value for money. Though visibility in sunlight was only adequate, viewing angles are very good. The A116 has a 1.2GHz quad-core heart from MediaTek with 1GB RAM. This along with the little-changed Android Jellybean makes for a good phone. Browsing was fast and applications launched fast. But, there's bloatware from Micromax that might not be to your liking.

Rs 86,000 onwards
Rating: 3/5

>>12.5-inch Gorilla Glass display
>>128/256 GB SSD, Intel HD 4000 graphics

The design is pretty and sturdy thanks to the carbon fibre body and the magnesium alloy frame underneath. The XPS crams in 1,920x1,080 pixels with a density of 176 ppi. The display is quite crisp and makes a notable difference in desktop apps. Brightness also allows for great viewing angles. Ivy Bridge processors (Core i7 or i5) along with 4 (or 8) GB RAM make it fly and Windows 8 is particularly effective. It's a good option if you're looking for a premium, touch-enabled Ultrabook.

Rs 64,290 onwards
Rating: 3/5

>>15.6-inch display, up to 1 TB of HDD storage

The Y500 is Lenovo's bid at being a gaming PC. Third gen Intel CPUs and up to 16 GB RAM options deals with intensive applications easily. The Turbo Boost technology also fires up the clock above the default during load (up to 3.4 GHz). The Y500 also has the SLI mode (use of two graphic cards-the GeForce GT 650M here). Lenovo installs a glossy screen rather than a non-glare model but a high 1920x1080 pixels. But, viewing angles are only adequate while the screen is very reflective outdoors.

Rs 9,999
Rating: 3/5

>>1GHz VIA WM8950, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB internal

The ME172V is, obviously, a budget tablet. The build is satisfactory, especially the roughened back panel. Despite the relatively low clock speed and single core, it manages to hold well for its price, but don't expect the spectacular. Android 4.1.1 has been marginally modified and is still a comfortable experience. The Memo has a resolution of 1024x600 pixels, with a pixel density of 177 ppi, which is pretty good. Camera and battery performances are rather disappointing. Omission of Bluetooth and GPS could be deal-breakers.

Rs 21,000
Rating: 3/5

>>Android 4.1.2, 8 GB internal storage, microSD slot

The design is rather typical of Samsung, with rounded edges and a 5-inch display. The dual-core 1.2GHz processor along with the 1 GB RAM can handle anything that a mid-range device is expected to. An impressive feature was the 'Multi Window' option, which lets you multitask through a little access arrow on the screen. Browsing was impressive as well. The camera at the back is 8 MP and performed admirably while the 2MP front camera isn't bad either. However, the display is a little underwhelming with 400x800 pixel resolution.

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