Top 10 used cars

Buying a second-hand car can be a good choice if you want more value for less money.

Abhishek Saksena | Print Edition: January 2011

With car prices set to soar in the new year, it's a good time to scrounge around for discounts and deals. If, however, you are driven by the desire for higher savings, you can opt for a pre-owned car. You will not only have the satisfaction of owning a vehicle but, more importantly, at a much lesser price.

Since car sales have been on a high in the past year, moving up briskly since the 2008 economic downturn, it has directly affected the used car market. Now, more cars are ending up for resale at a much faster pace, which is why it's the right time to haggle for the best bargains. Here's a look at cars in different segments, all under Rs 10 lakh, to help you decide which one to pick. You can get an even lower price depending on the mileage and car's condition.

  • Hyundai Santro
The best small car not to sport a Maruti badge. A perfect combination of fuel efficiency, reliability and enough torque for driving around the city.

Why should I buy? Because everyone has a Maruti and you don't want one. It has a better build and features than other cars in this price segment and the Korean manufacturer has proved itself on reliability over the past decade.

Is it fuel-efficient? In one word, yes. It gives a mileage of about 14 km per litre (kmpl) in the city. The Hyundai service network is second only to Maruti's and the spare parts are cheap too.

How is the ride? The ride quality isn't the best, but is par for the course. It has ample headroom, though the rear seat isn't very comfortable.

Will it break the bank? Prices are on the lower side and you can easily find a two-year old model in good condition.
  • Hyundai i10
The second hatchback option also comes from Hyundai's stable. It was launched as Santro's replacement and is made in India for global usage.

Why should I buy? Because Santro is too old and the i10 looks sleeker. It also has a more powerful engine and comes loaded with accessories.

Is it fuel-efficient? Yes, again. The Kappa model will run about 16 km per litre, while the older 1.1 iRDE model will give you 14 km.

How is the ride? It has a good suspension, which ensures a smooth ride on bumpy roads. For a small car, it's also quite stable at high speeds.

Will it break the bank? It's a well-built car and offers value for money. The launch of the latest version of the 1.2 Kappa model means you might get the older one for even less.

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