It’s a collective failure on the part of investment managers of India that they have been painfully slow to offer investment options in China and other Asian countries.

In a dramatic move to reduce risk, Dipendecides to sell off a big chunk of the holdings of the two portfolios and sit on cash till the weather clears.
Our model portfolios have generated a lot of interest among readers. Dipen Sheth answers some of the more prolific and profound among them.
With both global and domestic cues far from encouraging, our fund manager Dipen Sheth decides to cash out to reduce volatility shocks.
How much does the performance of global markets affect Indian stocks? Money Today looked at select global indices over the past 15 months to get some answers.
IFCI’s stock is down 64% from its 52-week high of Rs 121, and is at a PE of just 2.1.
Everyone tells you what to buy and when. But do you know when and how to sell? Money Today take a look at this largely ignored market transaction.
Exploration and metal stocks are in demand, with many of them among top performers.
IT stocks have begun looking up; though CNX IT is delivering negative one-year returns, the sector outperformed in the last quarter.
Corporate results are worse than before but better than expected. Best of all, despite the definitive slowdown, stocks remain the best investment.
The least expensive stocks are the ones with the lowest PE ratios and the most wanted stocks are the ones most actively traded in the past 15 days.
Our fund manager takes a look at how the model portfolios would have fared had they been left untouched.
It’s not yet certain whether we are in a short-term correction or a long-term bear market. But it won’t hurt to keep the following tips in mind.
With both portfolios taking a hit, Dipen Sheth gets into the fire-fighting mode by opting to increase the cash component and exiting from a number of stocks.