Safe Hands
Mani Bhai
Trend Spotting

Count all the worries you have as an investor. Stock market may slow its unprecedented journey of wealth creation. The real estate boom may lose steam, if not bust. Value of your precious metals may not rise as fast as it has in recent years. Interest rates on small savings or deposits may fall

Here we focus on how select stocks are performing and how it can benefit you.
Returns from stocks are most dangerous to bet on. But not if you use a benchmark like Nifty. MONEY TODAY tells you how to bet safely on stocks.

Stocks are one of the best investments you can make - if you pick the right ones.

Three  of the top five in the ultra-short term debt category are new funds, which have done well.
Snapshots of recommendations from investment houses.These research reports give information and opinions on companies and industries.
Doubts have been raised if initial public offerings are still creating wealth of the kind and surety they did till a few months ago.
MONEY TODAY presents to you snapshots of recommendations from investment houses.

Lots of speculation in IFCI based on rumors of a bailout in the ailing financial institution.

Initial Public Offerings have created enormous wealth in the past three years. An analysis of what makes them so special.
MONEY TODAY gives you an insight into the market trends and how it will hit your pocket.
Emkay Research believes the market was surprised by good results for Oct-Dec 2006 and sets a revised price target.
RBI leaves all key rates unchanged and announces steps to sustain growth without fuelling inflation.
Market is uncertain. Gains will be slow and selective. Here is how to navigate successfully.