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Money Today readers give their feedback on the magazine's February, 2015 coverage and more.
     Print Edition: March 2015

Money Today readers give their feedback on the magazine's February, 2015 coverage and more.

The cover story on health insurance (The Expanding Bouquet) made for an interesting read. The sector has seen a number of positive changes and thanks to an expanding customer base, I expect the companies to introduce more customer-friendly policies in the future. I do, however, believe that while the sector is adapting to the needs of people, it has conveniently forgotten about the needs of a number of patients. Take for example people who suffer from HIV. A friend of mine who was recently diagnosed with HIV was refused health covers by almost all companies. The only company that agreed asked for a high premium for a basic cover which would not even include any tests/treatments arising due to HIV. I wonder where this leaves people with such life-threatening diseases. The government must issue directives to the insurance companies stating that no person, irrespective of their health condition, should be denied insurance.

- Karthik Iyer, Delhi

It was heartening to read the story on balanced funds (Balancing Act, February 2015).
I have always advocated investing in this category as a means to enjoy both protection and growth. As the returns show, they are up there among the best performing funds across all categories. Given the similar nature of balance funds, I think it makes more sense to invest in just one such fund instead of investing in different balanced funds. They are the perfect investment options for people who are beginners in their financial journey.

- Ravi Krishna Singh, Delhi

The story on equity funds (Should You Invest Based on Past Performance, February 2015) was an informative read. I have been one of those investors who invested based on past performance. Towards the end of 2008, I started investing via SIPs in three infrastructure funds based on their past performance. Over the next five years, I went to regret this decision as the portfolio delivered negative returns and finally, I had to withdraw my investments at a loss. Irrespective of whether the funds delivered a loss or a gain, the past performance is always based on the existing market conditions, along with factors like the fund manager etc. People need to stop investing in the hope that they too will be able to ride a tide. Such bets are for people who can afford to lose as much as they expect to earn.

- Shankar Sinha, Kolkata

The story on falling oil prices (Oiling the Wheels, February 2015) was an interesting read. For the past few years, high oil prices have dented a lot the profitability of a lot of companies, along with the economy. However, investors would do well to count these factors before betting on companies that are benefitting from a fall in oil prices. In the long-term, oil prices will definitely bounce back to pre-2013 levels.

- Reena Chandra, Mumbai

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