'I'm a heart patient. Can I get insurance cover?'

Yes, but the premium is likely to be 15-30 per cent higher. However, no health insurance will cover complications arising out of your heart ailment.

     Print Edition: November 1, 2007

Insurance is misconceived as a very simple financial instrument. But your story (Life Insurance for Protection and Prosperity, 18 October) rightly identified many details that most people overlook. Clearly, we shouldn’t be buying insurance on the basis of agents’ advice alone.

Bal Govind, Bareilly

Today, the market is flooded with many types of insurance policies and their variants. This makes choosing the right policy difficult. But what complicates things most is the different purposes it now serves — as a life cover, investment and tax planning tool. Thus, you are correct to observe that investors should be as careful about buying insurance as any other investment instrument.

I am 30 years old and want to buy a life insurance for myself. But I suffered a heart attack last year and had to undergo a bypass surgery. Will any insurance company provide me a life cover? If yes, will it be more costly? Also, please let me know if any insurer will provide a health cover for the recurrent expenditure due to my illness.

Manoj Jain, e-mail

For life insurance, a term plan will be your best bet. Premium is likely to be 15-30% higher than for standard cases. Any health insurance will not cover complications arising out of your heart ailment. The health plan is also likely to be more expensive. While hospitalisation costs are included, the policy may not support out patient department (OPD) claims. A detailed reply has been mailed to you.

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I find your model portfolios very interesting. Especially when the market is so volatile, the changes in your portfolio make for a very interesting read. But since your decisions are limited to the stocks in your portfolio only, there isn’t much that we can duplicate in our personal equity investments. It will be great if you also include advice on stocks other than those in your model portfolios.

Sumeet Patel, Vadodara

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