Letters to the Editor

Money Today readers give their feedback on the magazine's coverage of the personal finance sector.
     Print Edition: November 2013
Letters to the Editor

Money Today readers give their feedback on the magazine's coverage of the personal finance sector -

Your cover story on retirement was of great interest to me (Filling the Gaps, October 2013) . My father has five more years to go before he retires and we have been discussing the financial planning that needs to be done for his retirement years. Your story lays out very direct and simple steps that need to be taken by us, as a family, to ensure that my parents are able to enjoy their retired life without having to be overly dependent on me for financial support. I am only child and have my own financial commitments towards my family and do not have much disposable income to support the needs of my parents. After reading your story, I can discuss plans for the future. I especially found the advice on reverse mortgage very pertinent. I will never move back home and they have an option to get a steady flow of income from the house my parents own. Apart from a steady income, I think adequate health cover is the next most important factor to consider. - SANJEEV SHARMA, Nagpur

Although your cover story on retirement planning was comprehensive and covered all the usual areas of concern, I am not sure why you have not mentioned anything about the National Pension Scheme, or NPS, (Filling the Gaps, October 2013). It is a safe low-cost investment scheme that is an excellent retirement planning tool. I personally believe it is the best option when planning for retirement considering the cost and the options you have to control investments in the portfolio (of the scheme, namely automatic and as decided by the investor. - ROHIT GARG, Beirut

Editor: The options mentioned in the cover story (Filling the Gaps, October 2013) are investments for allocating your retirement corpus. On the other hand, NPS, as you mentioned, is an option for planning for retirement during your working years.

Some years back, I stopped buying shares and switched exclusively to equity-based mutual funds. This way, I retained my instinct to recognise a gamble but reduced the risk I will have to take. However, I had never considered investing in mutual funds that were investing in foreign markets until now. After reading the story on global funds (Across the Globe, September 2013), I have invested in the global fund from ICICI. - ANWAR SAID KHAN, Aligarh

Technology stocks are likely to give good returns in the coming days, mainly due to the depreciating rupee (Digital Rebound, October 2013). However, technology stocks are volatile and, therefore, the portfolio proportion should depend on the investor's risk profile. Overexposure is risky for those who already have considerable investment in the market. - ANIL MACHADO, Bengaluru

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