Letters to the Editor

Print Edition: April 2013

Money Today readers give their feedback on the magazine's coverage of the personal finance sector.

The cover story (When Cracks Appear, March 2013) is highly relevant and useful in today's day and age. With changing social mores, the incidence of divorce is on the rise in the country. However, snapping marital ties involve a lot of details that many people are not aware of. The facts and analysis given in the cover story and the rest of the cover package, be it on alimony, child rights or how to settle matters related to property, will surely help those couples who are going through the painful process of formalising their separation through mutual consent.

The piece on how to build a good mutual fund portfolio (Well-Rounded Portfolio, March 2013) was an interesting read. While a lot is often written on how to build a portfolio of stocks, not much is written on building a well-performing mutual fund portfolio. With a lot of options available in the mutual fund market, an investor can access all asset classes by investing in different funds. But such choice also confuses investors. This is especially true for investors who lack the knowledge or expertise to track equities, debt and commodities by themselves.
REVATI RAO, Hyderabad

The story on dividing property upon a mutual consent divorce (Opening the Exit Door, March 2013) was quite informative. However, the article mentions about a draft law on granting women the right to their husbands' residential property if they part ways. I've checked on the status of the bill but could not find much recent information. There doesn't seem to have been progress on this for some time. It would have been nice if the story had information on when it might become law.

The article on attractive property destinations in global markets (World Apart, March 2013) had suggested some very interesting places to invest in. I was considering the option of buying a property in an overseas market that can give me good returns, both through price appreciation and rental income. However, I find that the price movement of properties in destinations mentioned by you was quite modest in 2012 as compared with the prices in some the domestic real estate markets, because of which I am re-thinking investing in India. I think one also needs to be aware of real estate regulations in the country where one is buying so that exiting the investment is just as easy as entering the market.

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