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Money Today readers feedback on the magazine's coverage of the personal finance sector
     Print Edition: September 2013

Money Today readers feedback on the magazine's coverage of the personal finance sector -

The falling rupee has been a worry for Indian investors. The effect it has had on the market, along with the slowing economy, has been bad news for those looking to make an investment. In such circumstances, the story on opportunities in the current market was of great interest (Gaining from the Rupee Fall, August 2013). The impact of the currency fall on sectors was of considerable use. It offered an insight into a tumultuous market and the possibility of making a long-term investment. - VINOD SHARMA, New Delhi

The cover article on the debt market (Gaining from Fixed Income, August 2013) leads us to believe that investing in fixed income funds now would get us double-digit returns. However, it is not yet sure if monetary tightening measures by RBI will stop and bond yields would go down from here on. The current bond market is worse off than the equity market and investors, including me, have lost significant amounts not just in duration funds, but also in accrual schemes such as liquid funds in the past one month. After incurring significant losses in 'fixed income' funds, I would rather go for bank fixed deposits as the rates are on the rise. - BOSCO FERNANDES, Kolkata

Online applications as financial tools still seem to be rather unnecessary in India (Tools for Trade, August 2013). I do not see many people having enough types of investments that such applications help. Also, the stock tips and analysis these tools provide might not be understood and an investor might make a hasty purchase. It would be better to employ the services of a financial planner. Such tools are best used as a free expense tracker. - MAYANK MEHTA, Ahmedabad

The story on realty developers tying up with global brands was an interesting look into a new trend (The Name Factor, August 2011). While such projects do have some advantages, it seems unnecessary to pay a premium when the value addition is so subjective. Regardless of a brand name, a well-developed realty investment will always be a good investment almost anywhere. - POOJA GARG, email

Corporate debt restructuring must be a new term for retail investors though it has been in effect since 2001 (Perfect Reboot, August 2013). As the story points out, the global financial crisis of 2008 resulted in a spurt of CDRs. It was only then that I took notice of the process, but never considered it a point of reference to make a new investment. However, it seems to be extremely risky to do so without professional advice. - RAJAT SAROJ, Patna

The story on selling groceries online surprised me (Virtual Grocer, August 2013). I was not aware that such options were available in India, that too since many years. - KAJAL RATNANI, Noida

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