Letter to the Editor

Money Today readers give their feedback on the magazine's coverage of the personal finance sector.
Print Edition: December 2013
Letter to the Editor

Money Today readers give their feedback on the magazine's coverage of the personal finance sector -

I agree with the contention in your latest cover story (Taking a Safer Route, November 2013) that investors should move away from equities in the coming months and try to invest in fixed-income instruments to keep their money safe.

This is because there are several uncertainties in the market, including reaction to the general elections, low economic growth and high inflation. On the global front, there is the possibility of the US tapering the QE (quantitative easing) programme- through which it infused liquidity in the market. In fact, even though the Sensex touched its all-time high on November 3, it quickly shed 1,000 points.

FIIs, or foreign institutional investors, are driving the market right now and if they pull out following the possibility of QE withdrawal, it would have a huge impact on the market. It would be much better for retail investors to wait for the emergence of a definite direction for the market before renewing investing in equity. - MAHESH BAPAT, MUMBAI

It is quite disturbing to see investor apathy towards public sector companies (Out of Favour, November 2013). Many bluechip companies owned by the government, such as BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals) and State Bank of India, have solid businesses and strong fundamentals to back it. With many of the stocks being down in the market, this might be a good opportunity to buy these for the long term. - PARAMANAND KRISHNAN, THIRUVANATHAPURAM

The story on ways to beat inflation was an interesting read as a newbie investor (One Step Ahead, November 2013). Factoring in inflation is something most new investors forget to do when choosing a product. This often proves costly when choosing relatively safer options, such as a fixed deposit in a bank. - APARAJITA GHAI, VADODARA

The new Insurance Repostitory System would be of great use if it does function as expected by the Irda. Often, such adoption of technology does not get enough publicity and investors are unaware of the benefits of working online. In addition, it is important to have it working as best as possible so as not to discourage early adopters. - AMIT NAG SINGH, ASANSOL

It is no coincidence that the best dividend paying companies also have strong fundamentals (Caring and Sharing, November 2013). The likes of Colgate-Palmolive, HDFC and Emami have solid market presence and have been strong performers with high growth over the years. So, a company's dividend history must also be taken into account when choosing a stock. - BINU KIRKIRE, MUMBAI

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