Letters to the Editor

Money Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage
     Print Edition: October 2013
Letters to the Editor

Money Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage -

Your latest cover story on real estate (Picking the Right Property, September 2013) will be useful for scores of people who are looking to buy real estate in the current market. I am looking for a house in Bengaluru, where I am working at present. Even so, the main purpose is to invest in real estate. However, I was confused which areas would give good returns in the next five years. It is difficult to trust brokers, who could base their decision on the commission they would get. However, after reading your story I am now reasonably aware of the places I should be scouting for a property. One drawback I've noticed in your coverage, and realty coverage in general, is that it is limited to the major metros. There must be investors who want to invest in more affordable markets. Hope MONEY TODAY comes up with similar suggestions for Tier-II and Tier-III cities. - RAJIV SHARMA, Bengaluru

It is always wise to have a diversified investment portfolio. Keeping this in mind your story on investment gains one could make by parking money in funds that invest in the US made interesting reading (Across the Globe, September 2013). Few investors look at opportunities of making money abroad. I feel that the US economy is showing signs of recovery and investors can still make gains if they invest in such funds. - ROMIT BHATTACHARYA, Kolkata

Your report on quarterly results of companies only proves what has been expected by even amateur followers of the stock market (Feeling the Pressure, September 2013). India Inc is facing tough times. While the fall of the rupee has helped a few sectors such as IT and pharma, every other sector has been adversely affected. High interest rates, high cost of materials, poor demand, tightening of liquidity by RBI have all slowed the economy. - MAYANK PATEL, New Delhi

The checklist for those moving abroad was very useful for me (Before the Flight, September 2013). I'm a software engineer and like me, at least a few of those employed by the IT sector and the financial services sector are given the opportunity to move to international offices to improve career prospects. Often, it is the first time most of them are moving abroad and leaving even a small task unfinished can be a hassle once you're out of the country. - ALAN CALLAGHAN, Mangalore

Your coverage of commodities has always been very interesting for me. The latest story on investing in stocks of companies with a stake in the commodity business (Indirect Play, September 2013), be it crude oil, or base and precious metals, was very interesting. For example, I think it would be better to choose a company whose stock is related to gold rather than buying the metal. - PRATIK DOSHI, Pune

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