Letters to the Editor

Money Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage
Print Edition: September 2014
Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Money Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage -

The cover story of August issue (Buying at a Discount) was an interesting read and provided a welcome break from investment stories betting on the 'popular' stocks. The current market situation might look optimistic to most investors, but there is also a danger of the situation turning into a bubble. Most investments after the election are being made with the hope that the promises made will be delivered: they are yet to materialise. Even investments made in the stocks mentioned in the story must be done with caution. Investors must remain careful in their approach regardless of the market situation.- MANISHA SHRESTHA, Patna

The story on online courses (Going Beyond Classrooms. August 2014) provided an interesting concept of upgrading one's knowledge base without spending a fortune. I have been considering doing a distance learning program but have held back due to financial restraints. The courses mentioned in the article prove alluring, also because at least in this case quality is not decided by the price you pay. I have decided that instead of pursuing distance learning, I will seek to learn more in my areas of interest through this route. I believe that Indian central universities should also start such modules so that a larger number of students can avail of all their knowledge base. This way, the courses will become more suited to the interest of Indian students and professionals.- WILLIAM TOPPO, Delhi

The story on PSU resurgence (Back in the Reckoning, August 2014) must be seen as a great positive for the Indian economy. The underperformance of these PSUs has severrly impacted economic growth in the recent years. I believe disinvestment is a good step in this regard as it will help these companies reach full potential and take on competition. - PARESH SETHI, Chandigarh

The budget coverage (Union Budget 2014-15, August 2014) was extensive and did a very good job at summarising the way the Budget is likely to impact investors and consumers. The rise in tax brackets and interest component of home loans will surely bring some relief to the middle class, but lack of strong announcement to curb price rise was a major worry. The government will not have much to claim a successful tenure if they cannot curb price rise, something the previous government failed miserably at. - MAJEED KHAN, Mumbai

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