Letters To The Editor

Print Edition: February 2012

The story on creating a website (Develop Your Online Estate, December 2011) will be very useful for readers, especially since the Internet has become a substantial source of income for many. I have been thinking about having my own website and was unable to locate someone to help me set it up without spending a hefty amount. It seemed much harder than it actually is for someone unacquainted with technology. This article will be helpful for all readers who want an online presence of their own.

The cover story (Nurturing Wealth in 2012, January 2012) clearly reveals that there are turbulent times ahead for investors in the near term. Uncertainty prevails in both domestic and global economies. The Indian government does not seem to be in a position to overcome policy paralysis. This is one of the reasons why India has been at the bottom of the table when capital market performance among global peers is compared, despite reasonable growth forecasts compared with other major economies. Globally, the sovereign debt crisis in the euro zone seems far from over and can come to a boil any time. Institutional investors are cautious about markets such as India in the immediate future. I feel it is best for equity investors to stay away from making fresh investments in such a situation. The best bet in the present market seems to be investments in debt. Retail investors can re-enter the market once a definite direction emerges. Otherwise, chances of erosion of one's capital remain very high in the current scenario.

The guest column on careers (Leading Lady, January 2012) was an interesting read and is pertinent to the current generation. Gender bias at the workplace is a definite concern, one that the current workforce can help address. This bias becomes especially pronounced when a woman takes up leadership roles. Ideally, advancement should be determined based solely on performance. Though the barriers are coming down in India, as is evident from the many woman at the helm of firms, it will take time before the workplace becomes gender neutral. It's good to see the issue being addressed.
POOJA SINGH, Dungarpur

It was informative to read the tips on negotiating for property (Get a Real Bargain, January 2012). I am planning to buy property for my own use soon and have started looking for an appropriate flat in or around Bhopal. Negotiating with builders or property dealers is a tough task. I hope the article will help me strike a good deal.

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