Letters to the Editor

Money Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage -
     Print Edition: February 2014
Letters to the Editor

Money Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage -

Your latest cover story on the best investments for the new year (The Year of Hope, January 2014) was very thorough. I'm a regular investor in stocks and mutual funds. However, I stayed away from making any new investments last year in the hopes of buying a house. I was surprised to find that while the market was dull, I couldn't find one that fit my budget. Your forecast that inventory is up gives me hope. As I'm an end-user, I cannot wait any longer to buy. I've been told by agents that the post-election market could be better for buyers, something your story says as well. KUMAR BHAGWAT, PUNE

The story on the Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme, or RGESS, (Missing the Buzz, January 2014) was very useful. I had been considering investing in it to save some extra tax, but I also wanted an investment that had exposure to equity. RGESS fitted the bill perfectly. Unfortunately, after reading your story, I found that I don't fit the eligibility criteria since I was given Esops a few years back. The agent I checked with did not tell me that it was only for first-time equity investors, nor did I make it a point to ask him. I could have invested the money without gaining any tax benefit from it. PUNEET CHADDA, BENGALURU

I have seen the analysis of stocks that FIIs, or foreign institutional investors, have chosen in multiple publications (Foreign Interest, January 2014). However, It has always struck me that it does not help retail investors. I've also been told by multiple financial advisors that such data will not necessarily help me find a stock that I could hold for the long term. FIIs can themselves be fickle investors. Considering that it's so risky to invest in equity, especially in the current market, I think it would be a better option to choose equity mutual funds or pay a financial advisor to manage your portfolio. SURESH KAMATH, MANGALORE

Investing in a foreign economy has always appealed to me. However, as your story (Investing in Global Growth, January 2014) mentions, it's always been a limited option for mutual fund investors. While US funds have been great investments, over exposure to any one market is also not preferable. So, it's heartening to see that funds are also focussing on other economies that have shown a potential for performance. HARSHA MUKERJI, KOLKATA

Virtual offices and co-working are excellent choices for budding entrepreneurs (Sharing Success, January 2014). Currently age, when more and more youngsters are looking to set up on their own, such businesses provide a platform. The future Bill Gates or Steve Jobs won't have to start from a garage. BIJOY THOMAS, KOCHI

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