Talk Back - January 25, 2007

Print Edition: January 25, 2007

I am a regular reader of MONEY TODAY. I have found all the articles very innovative especially the listing of financial resolutions for 2007 (Financial Resolutions for 2007, 11 Januar y). Please carry one article in every issue regarding new IPOs.
Sticking to these financial resolves will not only help you create wealth in the long run but discipline your spending habits. Thank you for the suggestion on IPO coverage. We are devising ways of providing regular and indepth coverage of IPOs. Hope you have read our cover story on IPOs (The IPO Treasure, 30 November). We do recommend you regularly look up our Market Watch column.

I have just gone through the 12 November issue of MONEY TODAY. The financial information contained in the magazine was perfect for us. You have given detailed description of fund management of a person already earning well (Portfolio Doctor). I am an employee of the Indian Railways in the Rs 6,500-10,500 monthly salary bracket. Kindly provide a similar analysis for someone like me.

SAHIL, e-mail

Portfolio Doctor carries investment analysis of people in various income brackets. We will definitely analyse the portfolio of a person in the income group you have requested. Look out for our future issues.

From best investment book reviews to common person’s portfolio check-up to MONEY TODAY Basics, you cover literally everything under the sun. The cover story on the power of credit made an interestingread and I hope that common people would make better use of it rather than falling into debt trap (The Power of EMI, 14 December).


It is our endeavour to cover all aspects of personal finance on a regular basis in the issues of MONEY TODAY. We also aim to advice our readers on the judicious use of one's finances. Our last cover story was also aimed in that direction (Financial Resolutions, 11 January).

I have a small business and generally travel abroad for work. I have never felt the need to take a travel insurance plan and I avoid one in order to save some money. Your article on travel insurance was an eye-opener (Holiday from Worries, 11 January). The article lucidly explained the rules that govern the plan. Thank you.


There are many like you Mr Ranjan. One often realises the worth of travel insurance only after onehas had a bad experience.
Insurance companies have customised travel insurance plans to suit the needs of all kinds of travellers. The amount spent on such plans would be worth every paisa in case you face a problem abroad.

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