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Share market is mostly manipulated by interested parties and the public suffers on this account.

Print Edition: December 14, 2006

It was a pleasure reading another successful product from the India Today Group. MONEY TODAY will add a new dimension to the area of personal finance.The cover story was well focused on IPOs. Please incorporate a regular feature on the flow of international money into India. AKHILESH KUMAR SAH, Faizabad

The story on real estate market was very informative (“Do You Know Your Home’s PE Ratio?” November 30). I agree that the steep rise in property prices has upset the equation and even my personal calculations. I am compelled to look at the non-metros for my dream home. Please focus on the satellite townships instead of the metros. RAJAT AGARWAL, Mumbai

Analysing the not-so-obvious side of an investment is an important part of our magazine. We will do the reading between the lines for you.

Share market is mostly manipulated by interested parties and the public suffers on this account. Also it is wholly and solely our government’s financial policies and taxation laws that are responsible for extraordinary rise and fall of the share market, which is not in the interest of the public (“Market Watch—A Mixed Bag”, November 30). Shares get easy money without any hard work or labour. Its earnings are speculative in nature and like lotteries—luck plays an important role. MAHESH KUMAR, Delhi

We beg to differ Mr Kumar. Although speculation does play an important role in the short-term movement of stock prices, in the long-run fundamentals of the company and the economy play a more significant role. Invariably, that’s the message our Market Watch section contains.

I am a regular reader of INDIA TODAY. I recently came across MONEY TODAY in the newsstands. On enquiry, I found that it was the third issue. I want to collect the first two issues. How can I get them? SHUBAJIT MITRA MAJUMDAR, Ranchi

We are in the process of developing our website www.moneytoday.in and very soon all the issues of MONEY TODAY will be available on the site. For regular subscription details write in to: wecare@intoday.com

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