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'MONEY TODAY has added great value to our investment plans.'

Print Edition: November 30, 2006

The demographic analysis of the real estate boom was very informative. I had bought land in 1984 in Bangalore and needed some advice on this asset. The analysis provided a long-term view which will help me in creating a plan. Thanks.

K Narayan, Chennai

Metros will continue to remain hotspots for real estate but the future could be the smaller cities, specially for investment buying.

I just picked up the latest issue of MONEY TODAY on an impulse. Barring a few magazines, most “wealth creation” magazines are too esoteric, which makes it difficult for a layman to comprehend what he is reading. Your magazine clearly doesn’t suffer from this malaise. I found it informative, absorbing and a right suitor to the title of “wealth creator”. Kudos to your team. The challenge, however, is to deliver this quality of content consistently. As an industry player, we would be watching this publication evolve with keen interest. All the best.

Vikaas M Sachdeva, country head — business development, ING Investment Management, Mumbai

Thank you for your compliments. We hope not only to sustain the quality, but also build on it by adding several new sections in the next couple of months. We would look forward to your feedback.

The inaugural issue of MONEY TODAY (November 2) was quite impressive. The presentation was also systematic and covered most of the current topics of personal finance, making the magazine very relevant. Looking forward to a good coverage of the March 2007 Budget also. Financial market has developed in a big way and it continues to grow adding new challenges. All the topics your magazine has introduced will need to be covered again in the forthcoming issues.

Deepak Sharan Sinha, on e-mail

It has been our endeavour to provide information that can be used by our readers. We will continue to update our readers on each of the personal finance topics.

I had been looking for a personal finance magazine like MONEY TODAY for a long time. This magazine is of great value for small investors like me. It has provided us with information that we did not have access to, adding great value to our investment plans.

Kamla Prasad Agarwal, Jharsuguda, Orissa

We are glad that the magazine has been able to provide you value. Check out our Market Watch section, which provides snapshots of recommendations by investment houses in specific stocks.

I want to thank the India Today Group for bringing out this very useful and good magazine. The layout is also quite different from other magazines. We expect the same quality in the magazine in the future also.

Johny Varghese, Thiruvananthapuram

Sustaining the quality of content and design of the product is our priority. Our regular feature Small Fortunes is a case in point that addresses a savings issue with great layout for easy understanding.

The rise in home loan interest rates has upset our home budget completely. We were on the verge of shifting to fixed rate home loan but after reading MONEY TODAY we have decided to stay put with our current floating rate plan (“Keep Floating”, November 16). Real estate is no longer a one-time investment even for middle-class Indians. More people are looking to buy houses, existing home-owners are interested in upgrade. There is a need for a regular source of information that caters to both the categories.

Sameer Sen, Bhiwadi

You will find a regular, yet different, coverage of real estate in MONEY TODAY. Do read the series on Home Improvement we have started from this issue.

The new Income Tax Act to be introduced from 2008, which will replace the existing IT Act 1961, is being eagerly awaited. But the new act will not provide a breather till the present complicated structure of tax rates with surcharges and cess is rationalised to merge these additives in the tax rate itself. There should be a common rate of tax deductions, say 10%, for all except on payment made to contractors and from unexpected huge earnings like lotteries, etc. In these instances TDS may be deducted at the rate of 20%. Since TDS is only provisional, additives like cess or surcharge need not be added to complicate the process. The system to file annual TDS returns should be restored with a common last date of June 30. It is unfair that small business persons are now forced to spend too much time and energy to file quarterly TDS returns while the government gets its revenue from TDS every month. Last dates of filing IT returns can be advanced to June 30 and September 30 instead of the current April 30 and October 31. However, the department can have an internal system to check returns in alphabetical order to complete by coming March 31.

Subhash C Agarwal, Delhi

Thank you for writing in your suggestions.

Using Nifty as a benchmark to invest in stock markets was an eye-opener, specially with the help of the graphics (“How to Bet Safely on 2011”, November 16). For a common investor like me, such analyses are a great help in understanding the topsyturvy world of stocks and taking the right investment decision.

Kanika Sharma, Jaipur

Good to know the article was of help to you. Check out the Stocks Watch and Market Watch pages where we provide simplified data and distilled research reports on various companies.

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