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When interest rates go up, there is a fall in the prices of existing bonds held by debt funds. Hence, the NAVs of debt funds come down.

The story on the impending Goods and Services Tax (Will it Help Cut Prices? December 2009) raised pertinent questions on the impact of the new tax structure on consumers.
You may take the matter to the grievance redressal cell in the Ministry of Tourism or to a consumer court.
Some genuine reasons for not filing on time could be a serious illness or injury suffered by the assessee or a family member.
Yes, you can avail of these benefits and the easiest way to do so is by producing the original bill.
Consumer activism has been on the rise during the slowdown as some companies are misleading consumers and investors for their profit.
The quality of management is also an important factor while buying a stock.
We do not give information on seasonal sales abroad as the time period and nature of offers vary...
It is the auditors' duty to verify the authenticity of information. Through due diligence, one can easily identify forged documents, if any.
Thank you for the critical input. Many readers have conveyed to us the difficulty they faced in navigating through three case studies.
Most Websites clearly mention the specifications and condition of the product.
No, age is only one of the factors. Each age group has objectives, risk appetite and goals that are typical to the category.
Most wills are challenged on two grounds — that the document is forged or that the testator made it under duress or in an unstable mental state.
A teenager can write a cheque, but it must be countersigned by a parent.
Severance packages are more common in other countries, but most multinational corporations in India also offer one.