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Talk Back

Currently, all stock portfolios are in the red and this reduces the amount of loan one can get.

It was a pleasure reading the article on Pulkit Gaur. We are a Kolkata-based venture capitalist company and would like to fund him.
The 'emoluments payable' includes only the basic pay and the allowances (special allowances, HRA, conveyance and telephone) which are paid every month.
We regularly carry stories on banking and insurance sectors, while four pages are devoted to mutual funds. However, we will try and cover these subjects more extensively.
We will be coming out with a special issue on tax soon. So keep an eye out for our taxation issue. You may also find the tax calculator on our Website useful.
We are glad you found the story useful. If you want specific information about any city featured in the story, please write to us again.
In a globalised world, a book on finance by foreign authors is relevant for Indian readers too. Moreover, very few Indians have written on this subject.
Thank you for pointing out the error. It’s heartening to know that our readers are well informed and go through the issue with an eagle eye.
Everyone is concerned about inflation but few understand its real impact. For instance, though people know they spend more, not many realise how much more.
We are glad that you found the story useful. As you rightly point out, expensive medical facilities have made health insurance a necessary investment.
There are not enough budget hotels in the country. But with Indians becoming more mobile, many companies are waking up to this business opportunity.