What if you, as a taxpayer, are faced with unusual circumstances pertaining to your return? Money Today looks at five such odd situations and ways to deal with them.

Despite its benefits, filing returns online is not a big hit. We bust the myths about the process and explain why it should actually be your first choice.
Your arrears will provide a boost to your finances, but they may also increase your tax burden.
Usually, money to charities is given from the post-tax income. Charitable contributions do not attract any tax.
According to the Income Tax Act, the property on which the capital gains tax exemption is claimed cannot be sold before three years of its purchase.
You can either visit your assessing officer with a copy of the acknowledgement of your income-tax return or write to the income-tax office enclosing the details.
After retirement, aim to minimise the tax on withdrawals or on interest from investments and stick to the conservative tax-saving instruments.
Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, the government is willing to give you income-tax breaks on your house.
The setbacks from stocks, mutual funds, real estate and other assets can be adjusted against gains from investments for up to eight financial years.
Don't panic if you have overshot the tax payment deadline. We tell you how to put your taxes in order.
You can claim benefit of savings made under Section 80C provided the savings were made before March 31.
Entertainment allowance is fully taxable for all private sector employees. However, government employees are eligible for exemption if...
The short-term capital losses from equities and mutual funds can help you save taxes for up to eight years.
A wedding, a career shift or an investment plan for your kids - each occasion throws up opportunities to derive tax benefits.