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The more we have, the more we want. That's particularly true of gadgets and gizmos. Here's a list of some of the accessories that could add value to your mobile devices.

Brinda Vasudevan        Print Edition: April 17, 2008

The more we have, the more we want. That’s particularly true of gadgets and gizmos. The latest mobile phone is simply not symbol enough unless you have a swanky Bluetooth handsfree headset to go with it. A top-of-the-line PDA? Where’s the keyboard, then? And, of course, everything from a wireless mouse to a USB-powered coffeemaker for your laptop. Here’s a list of some of the accessories that could add value to your mobile devices.

Talk on the move

The cops are likely to overlook a sleek Bluetooth-enabled handsfree unit, but does that really make it legal? Here's a nifty option— speakerphones for the car. Sony Ericsson's HCB-120 supports voice recognition for paired phones, and can be used to continue calls made from a phone handset. You can customise the colour of the device's single-line display.The HCB-120 can be paired with up to five different phones, each of which can be assigned a separate text readout colour. Price: Rs 5,000


Full function, tiny size

So you have the latest handheld PC. But how often have you cursed the size of its Lilliputian keys? The Belkin keyboard could be your answer. It’s a wireless keyboard that uses universal dualbean infrared technology, and is compatible with most pocket PC devices available in the market. Price: Rs 4,000 (approx)


Roll it up

Laptops generally come with truly fiddly keyboards–you might end up overwriting an entire paragraph simply because your finger slipped on the trackpad.A USB keyboard is the answer, but what price portability? A rollable keyboard then.And if you really want flashy, get a membrane keyboard that lights up when you plug it in. Price: Rs 500 (approx)


Wires? What wires?

While you might be able to manage with the laptop keys, an external mouse is almost essential for most of us. But how often has the mouse wire got tangled with the laptop power cord or with sundry other wires in the bag? A wireless mouse is your best bet, or if you don’t trust wireless, opt for a mouse that comes with a retractable cord. Price: Rs 400 (retractable cord); Rs 1,700 (laser wireless)


Mobile music

First there was the iPod and the SoundDock.Then came mobile phones that doubled up as music players. And now people are no longer content with using the headphones with the phone—they want to share music. Get a music stand and let you phone be your music system. The added benefit is that the speaker(s) also function as a handsfree speakerphone, so you can make calls when you aren’t listening to Rufus Wainwright. Price: Rs 3,750 (Nokia MD-1)


Flashy drives

You didn’t think they could get very fancy with a portable pen drive, did you? Allow us to tell you otherwise. These days, pen drives are getting truly fancy—some come with a regular pen fitted in, others look like syringes.And then there are the jewelstudded ones, wooden ones, collector’s pieces with Star Wars and Hello Kitty figures on them…Why settle for normal any more? Price: Rs 700 plus

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