Sushmita Choudhury spells out the emerging trends and modern jargon that are well on their way to becoming common speak.

To avoid being scorched by the 'hot' deals that come your way, go through the fine print and ask your tour operator the right questions.
Families, not business travellers, are the flavour of the season for the travel industry, which is offering inviting packages geared towards children.
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Glamping, or glamourous camping, is finally taking off, with hotels and resorts offering several affordable options across the country.
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Now you too can save the world, one eco-friendly holiday at a time. But to get your money’s worth, watch out for the faux green resorts.
Break the cardinal rule and travel during peak season—only during festivals. You can savour the best of local culture at discounted rates.
To cash in on the popularity of serviced apartments, hotels have come up with their own version woo business travellers, writes Sushmita Choudhury.
With discounts of up to 50%, off-season travel can be a boon, but make sure you are not shortchanged into taking a trip marred by irritants.
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