Your Wallet
Your Wallet
How the Budget impacts product prices

Like all preceding years, cigarettes and gutkhas are set to get more expensive. However, the Budget also delivered pleasant surprises by making some products cheaper.

Nokia and Airtel are pioneering mobile payments in India but many kinks need to be straightened out.
7-8 times your annual income is the amount that should be your minimum life insurance cover, according to experts.
Health insurance is a tool for cutting risk and making lives simpler. The premium depends on your age, the cover and even your city in some cases.
If you have laboured over which mobile plan to choose, here’s a handy guide based on a recent Credit Suisse survey on prepaid schemes.
Buying an AC that suits both your room and your pocket need not be a difficult task. We show you how
Self-monitoring health-care devices are convenient to use and, in the long run, are easy on your wallet too. Here’s a price and availability guide.
If you are not brand conscious, switching from big names to in-house brands is a good way to boost your budget, says Priya Kapoor.
Make the best day of your life better by being different. Here are some options that will up the classy quotient at your wedding without cramping your budget.
Better quality, greater choices, competitive prices and easier loan facilities — the action in the second-hand car market is good for both buyers and sellers.
Here we highlight the most and the least expensive models in a product category. This time it's washing machines.