The first BJP government in South India has squandered its chance to boost growth. The political merry-go-round has resulted in poor governance and uncertainty, dragging down the gross state domestic product.

Increasingly, submissions for annual advertising industry awards are created for the sole purpose of entering events, a trend that is proving costly in many ways.
Indian handset makers may have to reconcile themselves to paying for patented technologies.
Smartphones with large screens were considered unviable; too big to be a mobile device. But, now, these are among the most sold in the world.
The Korean electronics giant wants to be a premium brand in India, but it is the mass market that is bringing in the revenue.
There are certain things you should carry in your car to deal with an emergency while on the road.
Private equity fund Actis Capital has helped Indian companies such as Paras Pharmaceuticals and Nilgiri's, which were stuck in a groove, scale up to the next level.