Dividing property is the most difficult part. When you split from your spouse, how do you take care of what is most often the family's biggest investment? Here is how you can do it without friction.

There are three main types of contracts, though employment terms can vary according to designation and industry.
The cumulative value of joint India-EBRD investments since the bank started operations was 806.8 million euros as of 31 December 2012.
GroupOn CEO Andrew Mason is only one in a line of US marquee CEOs who were fired on the job.
In its present avatar, MSR India does research in nine areas, including programming language and tools, mobility networks and systems.
Trading on MCX-SX has got off to a quiet start and it could take a year for the new stock exchange to make any impact.
On Thursday, March 7, Bangalore woke up to the Start Up Festival. It celebrated the city's rise as the definitive destination for new companies in the country.
Group subsidiary Tata Projects Ltd through a joint venture has started work on the eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor Project in March 2013.