"Radia must have thought BT is going to ask only those questions that she wants. However, she realised that wasn't the case when our story came out."

Buoyed by the success of its hatchback Micra, Nissan Motor India Pvt Ltd (NMIPL) on Friday said it will launch a sedan by the end of next year.
The much awaited 3G services in mobile telephony will change the way the cell phone is used in India.
After $7.9-mn spending of Indians, the world's tallest building has customers from UAE ($2.62 mn), Australians ($1.25 mn) and Omanese ($1.14 mn) among others.
Pending proposals and reluctant regulations have been implemented in practically every sphere of personal finance. Learn how they stand to benefit you.
Called the PC 1 series, the sets will be available in 24- and 32-inch models, with a standby rechargeable battery that can power the TV for 2 hours.
India Today Aspire lists the five industries that are currently offering the most attractive jobs.
Nitish Kumar's victory in last month's Bihar election celebrates the triumph of economics over feudalism, but the climb out of poverty will be steep and hard.
D7000 has the workings of an expert. It has a 39-point auto focus system which Nikon claims can track multiple objects in sight for the best and sharpest results.
Car-maker General Motors India on Sunday said it will hike prices by up to two-and-half per cent across models.
Fund managers, bankers and corporate honchos of Mumbai are putting on their running shoes. Here is why.